The tennis tournament is only days away, and we’re pretty sure you need to amp up your trainings. So, you might as well practice those perfect arm strokes, swings, and serves while making sure you’re in optimum condition. Though you may have your own coach to teach everything you need to know, being prepared in both body and mind would mean additional practices even without the supervision of your coach. The same goes for self-taught tennis players.

In fact, the tennis training remains with you whenever you put an effort to perform it subsequently after your coach teaches you something. As we know, time is very limited and so are training partners. Yes, there will come a time where you’ll find it hard to look for a training opponent, but good thing a tennis ball machine is invented.

best tennis ball machines

The real question

Are tennis ball machines effective? As we are in the digital and advanced stage of living, it is not a surprise to see automated gardener, sweeper, and automated tennis partner – the tennis ball machine. They were intended for various reasons. Though the machines that are made earlier and are sold at a cheaper price have limited functionality and variety of ball serves, advance tennis ball machines are more complex for a price. These can act as real humans that are versatile and powerful.

Best Tennis Ball Machines

Spinshot-Player Tennis Ball Machine Phone Remote Supported

Battery-powered, fully efficient, and phone remote supported tennis ball machine is all you need if you don’t want to be limited in practice locations while giving you the luxury to control the programs over your handheld devices. This is the latest yet remarkable tennis ball machine yet, as it is customizable according to height, ball speed, ball spin, feed rate, direction, and horizontal & vertical oscillation. Thus, we are sure that you’ll be able to master your drills in no time. What we like about it is that with all these advanced customization, it only weighs 19 kilograms and comes with towing wheels for easy transportation. However, the only drawback is that batteries are sold separately.

Lobster Sports Phenom II Club Series Machine

If you are the type who is lazy enough to fill up the ball machine every single time, then Phenom II Club Series from Lobster Sports is a perfect match. Surprisingly, having a ball capacity of 250 is what every advanced player needs. As one of the high-end tennis ball machines ever crafted, this is sure to give exceptional programs for 18 different shot locations and combinations. You can also customize its speed, ball spin, and feed rate. All of these are backed up with a 2-year warranty. However, the only drawback is its AC power supply. You’ll be needing sockets and extension chords when using this. Moreover, it weights excessively for about 99 pounds and may be hard to maneuver around.

Are tennis ball machines effective?

As the list above is all about advanced tennis ball machines, we should expect that they are costly as they are durable and undoubtedly effective to improve your game and sharpen your response time even without your coach. So, if this is the last week for your training, you should never think twice when purchasing for a tennis ball machine. Be regularly updated. Visit regularly as we share everything you need to know about tennis.

Key to Improve Your Back Hand Swing

Tennis requires a lot more skill than most people think. It isn’t just about swinging back and forth and hitting the tennis ball towards the opponent. Perhaps they simply want to get the ball to the other side, or to actually hit the person with the ball, hopefully not. Either way, this kind of tennis playing isn’t tennis at all. Tons of practice and learning techniques are the basic requirement to perform better and eventually win more matches.

There are different kinds of swings and shots in tennis and they all serve a particular purpose. In this section, the focus will be on the backhand swing. The backhand swing is a tennis shot that requires the tennis player to swing the racquet all the way back and around the body, situating the back of the hand to precede the palm. It is not a popular swing because of how difficult it can be to not use the forearm to grip the tennis racquet. It all boils down to a lot of traffic when improving backhand swing.

The trick to a backhand swing lies in two factors: force and grip. Although the force of the shoot can be measured depending on the position and the motion of the hit, it can still prove useful for those who would want to play a little more aggressive. However, the key ingredients in improving backhand swing are as follows:

  • Constant Motion – Continuous, uninterrupted hits can decide whether a backhand swing will be successful or not. Letting the motion do the work and not the force of the hit will provide more power to the shot. Letting the tennis racquet loose without having to manipulate the movement of the tennis racquet can cause more harm than good, especially in competitive tennis playing.
  • Strength on Position – It can be tempting to move around while hitting. Pulling back and moving forward are just some of the directions players often do out of habit. However, in actuality, it would be much better to just let the body do its job. Staying in position while doing a backhand swing can give better results.
  • Arm Extension – One of the biggest mistakes a tennis player can make is by using the wrist to swing the tennis racquet back and forth. They have to be reminded that this isn’t badminton. Tennis relies on the force created by the movement of the tennis racquet in a continuous motion through the extension of the arm.

These key factors really do guide tennis players in improving backhand swing in both beginner and professional tennis playing. Although, even if there are so many resources and equipment than can seem to increase the chances of winning, not learning the basics can prove crucial. Being able to adjust to unpredictable situations can be a great weapon, especially in competitive tennis playing. The factors listed above are dedicated to improving backhand swing of tennis players from all over the world. With enough practice and perseverance, the backhand swing can eventually be natural and in turn, a win at a tournament

Having a tennis machine also will greatly help your tennis game.